Anti-virus protection is ensured for the PRO Catalysis Forum participants

Due to the pandemic, a special procedure has been introduced for the in-person events. The PRO Catalyst Forum will be held in compliance with all antiviral prevention requirements recommended by the Russian Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare. Safety is a key priority for the Forum organisers.

In the preparation of the PRO Catalysis Forum, requirements for observance of social distance have been taken into account. Entrance control and non-contact temperature measurement of participants, room disinfection, compliance with face mask and hand hygiene requirements.

All rooms will be provided with hand sanitizers. Individual protection kits will be handed out to participants in a welcome pack.

Protective items (face masks, sanitizers) are to be used at all times while on the event and social distance must be respected.

Up-to-date information about preventive measures against the spread of the Сoronavirus infection will be announced.

Stay healthy!